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Weekly Sales Recap

One of the best ways to learn what to sell on Poshmark is to see what’s selling for other people. With this in mind, i’ve decided to start doing a weekly sales recap to showcase my Poshmark sales, and all of my numbers. I think it’s important for people to see how much you can really make on Poshmark, and how much work you actually have to put in to see the results you want.

I’d like to note that this week i went back to school, so things were a bit hectic for me, and i wasn’t able to be as on active as i’d like. Additionally, I didn’t source as many pieces last weekend as I would’ve liked. This meant that i wasn’t able to list as much as well.

I’m going to break down each sale, explaining what it sold for and what my earnings were. At the end, i’ll recap my total cost of goods and my net profit for the week.

Monday 8.26

  • Madewell plaid button down, Size XS; Sold: $12, Earnings: $9.05
  • American Eagle Blouse, size L; Sold $5, Earnings:$2.05
  • Madewell 9″ high riser skinny jeans, size 27; Sold $45, Earnings: $36
  • Free People Movement white t-shirt, size XS; Sold: $15, Earnings: $12
  • Altar’d State olive green sweater, size S; Sold: $35, Earnings: $28
  • Vintage lace up crop top, size S; Sold: $10, Earnings: $7.05

Tuesday 8.27

  • Patagonia grey better sweater, size L; Sold: $70, Earnings: $56
  • Fall fashion mystery box, size S; Sold: $35, Earnings: $28
  • Fall fashion mystery box, size XL; Sold: $35, Earnings: $28
  • Torrid blush pink tank top, size 1X; Sold: $20, Earnings: $16
  • Babaton Aritzia cowl neck sweater, size S; Sold: $63, Earnings: $48.60
  • Madewell 3/4 sleeve top, size S; Sold: $15, Earnings: $12

Wednesday 8.28

  • J. Crew merino wool camo sweater, size XL; Sold: $44, Earnings: $35.20
  • Fall Fashion Mystery Box, size M; Sold: $35, Earnings: $28
  • Free People orange long sleeve, size M; Sold: $30, Earnings: $24
  • Free People high waisted shorts, size 28; Sold: $25, Earnings: $20
  • Anthropologie 3/4 sleeve top, size M; Sold $14, Earnings: $11.05
  • Lululemon teal printed sports bra, size 6; Sold: $28, Earnings: $22.40
  • Lululemon vinyasa scarf; Sold: $35, Earnings: $28

Thursday 8.29

This day was a $0 day, i don’t have these often, but i started clinical’s this day and didn’t share or list all day.

Friday 8.30

  • Joes Jeans raw hem skinny jeans, size 25; Sold: $38, Earnings: $30.40
  • Bundle of: 3 Zara tops, 1 UO top, 1 ro & de blouse, and 1 FP blouse. Sold: $54, Earnings: $43.20 (this was all older inventory)
  • Fall Fashion Mystery box, size M; Sold: $35, Earnings: $28
  • Madewell 10″ high rise skinny jeans, size 28; Sold: $45, Earnings: $36

Saturday 8.31

  • Anthropologie top, size M; Sold: $13, Earnings: $10.05
  • Lululemon striped tank top, size 6; Sold: $19, Earnings: $15.20
  • Lululemon black tank top, size 10; Sold: $28, Earnings: $22.40
  • Free People shorts, size 10; Sold: $7, Earnings: $4.05
  • Aerie sweatshirt, size XXL; Sold: $19, Earnings: $15.20
  • Bundle of: 2 Anthropologie sweaters and 1 Madewell sweater; Sold: $120, Earnings: $96
  • Bundle of 4 pairs of denim shorts; Sold: $50, Earnings: $38.20 (clearing out!)
  • Madewell knit pullove sweater, Size XL; Sold: $50, Earnings: $40

Sunday 9.1

  • Fall Fashion Mystery Box, Size XL; Sold: $31, Earnings: $23
  • Madewell black skinny jeans, size 28; Sold: $50, Earnings: $40
  • Bundle of 2 pairs of Lucky Brand jeans, size 25; Sold: $20, Earnings: $16
  • Joie silk floral top, size M; Sold: $22, Earnings: $17.60
  • Free People oversized poncho, size M; Sold: $50, Earnings: $40
  • Eileen Fisher mustard tank top, size M; Sold: $20, Earnings: $16
  • Bundle of Lulu’s dress and Anthro t-shirt; Sold: $18, Earnings: $14.40

Total Sales: $1253

Total Earnings: $997.10

COG: $240

Net Profit: $757.10

I was okay with that this week, having a hectic week and doing minimal work, while still making that much money was great to me. I usually net about $1200, sometimes more and sometimes less. However, $750+ in one week is still great. It goes to show that you can make Poshmark work for you, but it also shows that being consistent will bring you more money.

You can shop my Poshmark closet here.


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  1. Is there someway you can share your whole closet at once? I am sharing each individual item or do you just share a few items at a time?

    1. Unfortunately, you have to share each item individually, and poshmark has explained that there will most likely never be an option to share your whole closet at once. If that were an option, sharing would become to easy and there would be no more competition in terms of visibility. I recommend sharing your closet completely through 3-5 times a day, and trying to ensure that you share to the night party. The fastest way to share is on an i-pad pro through the browser (not the app) with an apple pencil. However, they’re expensive and not everyone has one so the second fastest is on your computer. I wouldn’t ever do a complete closet share on a cell phone. Hope that helps!

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