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I feel like fall to FOREVER to finally come around and i was wearing my sweaters and boots while it was still 80 degrees out, but now i feel like it’s slipping away faster than i can keep up. While the fall season is often a favorite, it means that winter is creeping right around the corner and will be here before you know it. Especially if you live in the midwest like i do, winter can show up out of nowhere and throw you into a frenzy of “where the heck are my snow boots and why can’t i find a matching pair of gloves”. While fall and winter and the colder weather my favorite time of year, i always find myself scambling to make sure i have all of my essentials. If you’ve found yourself in a similar situation, or are looking to prep for the cold weather before your fingers turn blue, heres a list of winter wardrobe essentials.

A winter coat (duh)

this one doesn’t need an explanation, here are some of my favorites:

For when it’s hella cold out and warmth is the only concern – The North Face Metropolis Parka is my absolute go-to. It’s definitely on the pricer side, but when you live somewhere that gets very cold for a multiple months out of the year, you understand the importance of investing in a really nice coat. And this one, will last for years.

For a similar option, but at a lower price point the Wantdo Down Coat is a good choice. While winter coats at a lower price point definitely don’t perform at the level of higher quality ones, if you’re short on a cash and in a pinch, this one will do the trick, just be sure to layer under it for optimum warmth!

If you’re looking for a dressier option that will still withstand the frigid temperatures, this Cole Haan Belted Wool Coat is a necessity. This is a great staple piece for winter. While i wouldn’t recommend it for standing outside in the cold, it’s great if you need something to keep you warm while running errands or going from dinner to a movie.

If you like shearling lined coats, this ones perfect. This Sam Edelman Shearling Lined Coat is a long coat (warms that booty) with super cozy faux shearling lining. This coat keeps you nice and toasting while adding a layering of class, all while keeping you cozy.

If you prefer a short winter coat, this Patagonia Puffer Coat is the way to go. It keeps you extremely warm without adding any of the extra bulk the makes long coats uncomfortable. It’s another high quality investment that will last you through many winters.

Continuing with the necessity of warmth, a warm under-layer is a must. If you plan to do any outdoor activities during the winter months or holiday season, some sort of warm under-layer is necessary. The Patagonia Better Sweater has been a long time favorite. Again a pricier piece, this is something that will last you for years, and is so versatile. It can be worn throughout the winter months with pieces layered underneath and over top for optimum warmth.

These C.C beanies are my absolute favorites. They come in a million different colors and styles and keep you super warm all while still looking cute! Get it here!

These Sorel Carly Snow boots are my favorite winter boots. They keep your feet super warm while being cute and comfortable. They’re waterproof as well, so they work perfect in the snow. You can get them here!

These Ugg Mckay Winter Boots are the PERFECT cold weather bootie. When there’s not snow on the ground and you going for that cozy look, these are amazing. Thy look so cute with jeans or leggings and feel like wearing slippers. Bonus – the double as super comfy house shoes when you feet are freezing in the morning! Get them here!

The Ugg Quincy boots are a similar look but more pulled together. You still get that cozy warm feeling but the laces and short heel add an extra something. Get them here!


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