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1 – Blue light blocking glasses

If you have a girl boss or career woman in your life who works on a computer or tablet for most of the day, these are the perfect gift. They block the blue lights from screens and help protect the eyes while preventing things like headaches and tired eyes. Get them here.

2 – Rothy’s

Rothy’s are the PERFECT shoe for any busy woman. They have a few different styles – all of which are slip-on an extremely comfortable. They have tons of colors and prints to choose from as well. The best part? They 100% machine washable and look good as new when washed! Between the comfort and the ability to clean, these are a must have! If you purchase through this link you can get $20 off your first order!

3 – Hydroflask

The Hydroflask is one the best water bottles out there – its gigantic size makes it perfect for the on-the-go girl to stay hydrated! The one with the straw lid is perfect because it makes it so much more convenient. Get one here.

4 – Smart planner pro

This planner is perfect for the busy woman. It’s great for setting, working towards, and achieving goals. A planner is always a good option for the girl boss in your life. You can get this one here.

5 – Kate Spade laptop case

Every #girlboss needs a great laptop bag, this one is high quality, stylish, and functional. This is the laptop bag i’d recommend to anyone! You can get it with free shipping here.

6 – portable charger

A portable charge is a must-have and a no brainer for all hard working women. This one is absolutely amazing and holds so much charge. It’s perfect for working remotely or charging your phone on the go. Also – it’s pink! You can get it here.

7 – boss babe sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is such a fun gift for every #girlboss or boss babe in your life. It’s super cozy and great for cold weather, and it’s simple yet super cute. It comes in a couple colors as well! You can find it here.

8 – leather tote bag

Every on-the-go woman needs a high quality catch-all tote bag. This leather tote is the perfect bag, it’s made from a high-quality buttery leather

9 – cashmere pajamas

Every girl boss deserves the best sleep-wear to wind down in after a long day of hard work. Cashmere pajamas are something that every woman should own. This set is ribbed and so comfortable, they come in grey, white, black, and tan. Get them here.

10 – away luggage

If you have a #girlboss in your life who travels often these away luggage pieces are the perfect gift. They come in multiple sizes and styles and tons of colors. Plus – they have an option to come with built in charger packs which is perfect for any hardworking woman to charge her devices. If you purchase through this link you get $20 off your first purchase!

11 – essential oil diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is something almost everyone could use and love. They’re super easy to use and have so many uses and benefits. Get an amazing diffuser here, it also goes great with this essential oil starter pack.

12 – Keurig coffee machine

Every busy woman needs a source of caffeine – most of us get it from our coffee. A Keurig is essential to the lifestyle of most busy woman and getting a #girlboss an updated version is bound to be a great option. You can get my favorite one here and pair it with a set of k-cups and you’re golden!


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